Abhishek Sharma comes of age, bigger stage beckons

Source (SRH X)

Abhishek Sharma and Travis Head have set a new template in this IPL, where opening batters are aiming to make the optimum use of the Powerplay overs. Sharma, showcasing his immense talent, has truly come into his own this season for Sunrisers Hyderabad. He has been a standout performer, consistently delivering impressive performances. This IPL has seen Sharma reach new heights, with him surpassing the 400-run mark in the tournament for the first time in his career.

Sharma’s batting style is characterised by his clear thinking and the right decision-making that have been evident in his recent performances. As an opener for SRH, Sharma has consistently provided strong starts for his team by taking on bowlers aggressively, playing his natural brand of cricket that suits him best. While he has faced setbacks at times during the tournament, what stands out is his ability to adapt, learn from his failures and come back stronger, which has been very impressive.

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Head deserves credit for nurturing Sharma and instilling confidence in him to play his natural game. Sharma’s attacking approach isn’t just about slogging the ball out of the park, it involves skillful cricketing shots that highlight his ability as a top-order batter. His shot-making has a certain elegance that has garnered attention from observers. Moreover, Sharma’s fearlessness stands out in his batting, showcasing his confidence and ability to perform on the big stage. As a young player, this self-belief is crucial, and Sharma has demonstrated it admirably thus far.

SRH’s resurgence this season is complemented by Sharma’s rapid development as a batter, which is a significant advantage for his team. Just a season ago, he lacked conviction in his approach. But now, he has shown remarkable progress. There appears to be no stopping Sharma’s upward trajectory. While the competition for a spot in the Indian team is fierce, Sharma’s consistency suggests that he could be donning the national colours sooner rather than later, if he maintains his current form.

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