Ashwin recalls the turning point of his career ahead of 100th Test in Dharamsala

Ashwin will be playing his 100th Test in Dharamsala. (Source:

Ravichandran Ashwin is on the verge of reaching a significant milestone in his cricketing career, as he prepares to play his 100th Test match for India. This achievement is worthy of celebration, especially considering the challenges he has faced throughout his tumultuous journey. As he approaches this landmark match, the 37-year-old reflected on the career changing moment: the series defeat against England, which served as a turning point. This humbling experience at home prompted Ashwin to introspect and address the shortcomings in his game.

“The 2012 series against England was the turning point for me. It taught me what to correct in my game,” said Ashwin at the press-conference on Tuesday.

Acknowledging the magnitude of the milestone, Ashwin expressed gratitude for the journey leading up to his 100th Test.

“Its a big occasion, from the look and sound of it. More than destination, journey has been special,” he added.

The spin-bowling all-rounder noted the special significance of the occasion, not only for himself but also for his entire family, who have been steadfast supporters throughout his career.

“100th Test matters a lot to me, but it matters more to my father, mother, wife and even my kids. My kids are more excited about the Test. Families go through a lot during a player’s journey. My father still answers 40 calls on what his son did during a game.”

Reflecting on his standout performances, Ashwin singled out his spell during the 2018-19 Test series in Birmingham as one of his finest moments in Test cricket.

“One of my finest spells in Test cricket has to be 2018-19 in Birmingham,” he answered.

Looking ahead to the final Test in Dharamsala, known for its chilly climate, Ashwin reminisced about his earlier experiences playing cricket there as a young player. Despite the cold conditions, he embraced the unpredictability of the environment, acknowledging the beauty of the unknown challenges that lie ahead.

“21 years ago I was here playing u19 cricket for two months. It is pretty cold, will take more time for fingers to adjust. That’s the beauty of it, the unknown,” Ashwin concluded.

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