BCCI to issue advertisement for new coach shortly, says Jay Shah

Jay Shah and Rahul Dravid (Image: BCCI)

Jay Shah, the BCCI secretary, said on Wednesday, that the board will shortly issue an advertisement for a new head coach. Rahul Dravid’s contract will end at the completion of the T20 World Cup next month.

Shah also revealed that  the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) will decide whether the next coach is going to be from a foreign country or an Indian. “Rahul’s tenure is only up to June,” he told reporters.

“So if he wants to apply, he is free to do so. Other members of the coaching staff, such as batting, bowling, and fielding coaches, will be decided after consultation with the new coach. We cannot determine whether the new coach will be Indian or foreign. It will be up to the CAC, and we are a global body.”

Shah also indicated that the BCCI aren’t sure about having a split coaching system for different formats. “That decision will also be made by the CAC. There are many all-format players, like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and Rishabh Pant, among others. Moreover, there is no precedent for such a situation in India.”

Shah also shared his views on the controversial Impact Sube rule in the IPL. The critics point to how the rule has ensured the Indian all-rounders don’t get the opportunity to bowl more overs. Recently, even Rohit Sharma, the India skipper had brought up the point, observing, “Not a big fan of Impact Player rule. It’s holding back the all-round talent of Indian players like Washington Sundar & Shivam Dube” he was quoted as saying by Club Prairie podcast with Gilchrist.

Meanwhile, Shah noted that due to the rule, more Indian players are getting an opportunity to showcase their skills. “Impact player was a test case. Two new Indian players are getting a chance in the IPL,. We will discuss with the stakeholders – franchises and broadcasters – before deciding on the continuation of the Impact Player. It’s not permanent, but no one has provided feedback against the rule.”

He subsequently mentioned that the meeting with the franchises will be conducted in the coming months. During that meeting, the retention rules will also be worked out.