Bhawanipore FC ProIndia Partners with LaLiga Academy: Revolutionizing Indian Football at Grassroots Level

Bhawanipore FC ProIndia Football Academy official launch press conference

In a groundbreaking move for Indian football, Bhawanipore FC ProIndia Centre of Excellence has forged an alliance with LaLiga Academy to bring the renowned Spanish football methodology to the grassroots level in Kolkata, India. This partnership marks a significant step towards revolutionizing the way young footballers are trained and developed in the country.

The LaLiga Academy’s grassroots football development programme, designed by the Global Technical Director of LaLiga along with a team of experts spanning several countries, aims to impart the techniques and flair that have produced some of the finest Spanish talent on the global stage. With the introduction of this programme, Bhawanipore FC ProIndia Centre of Excellence is set to provide a structured and uniform football curriculum to coaches, integrating the Spanish philosophy from the ground up.

One of the key elements of this partnership is the introduction of professional analytics at the grassroots level, courtesy of Step Out Analytics. This innovative approach will equip coaches and scouts with analytical know-how to aid in the overall progress of Indian football, from grassroots to youth levels. Additionally, a professional television channel will serve as a platform to showcase academy matches and practice sessions across the country, further enhancing the visibility of young talents.

Mr. Srinjoy Bose, representing Bhawanipore FC, expressed excitement about the prospect of establishing player development centers across West Bengal, providing a pathway for talented youngsters to progress from grassroots to elite levels. The integration of the LaLiga Academy curriculum will ensure that players are nurtured for AIFF and IFA age-category tournaments, fostering their development from a young age.


The significance of introducing Spanish football methodology at the grassroots level was highlighted by Aparup Chakraborty, CEO of Bhawanipore FC ProIndia Academy. He emphasized the importance of early acclimatization to the Spanish system, citing the presence of Spanish coaches in top Indian football teams and the need for players to adapt seamlessly to their playing style.


In essence, this partnership between Bhawanipore FC ProIndia and LaLiga Academy advocates for a more scientific and systemic approach to training young footballers in India. By integrating the Spanish philosophy from the grassroots, the project aims to create a generation of Indian players who are comfortable and successful within that system, ultimately elevating the standard of Indian football on the global stage.