Deepti Sharma – Not fussed about getting praise or flying under the radar

Source: X (BCCI Women)

In a resounding triumph for Indian women’s cricket, the team recently vanquished England by a staggering 347-run margin, etching their names in the record books with the highest victory margin in women’s Test cricket. Amidst a collective effort with four half-centuries in the first innings and significant contributions from bowlers like Renuka, Sneh Rana, and Pooja, the standout performer who shone brightest was none other than the unassuming yet dynamic Deepti Sharma.

Deepti, a name that might not resonate as loudly as some others in the cricketing world, has become the X-factor for the Indian women’s cricket team. Her exceptional performance in the recent victory against England, where she scored 87 runs and picked up a remarkable 9 wickets across the match, only underscores her invaluable role as a three-dimensional player.

What sets Deepti apart is her quiet, unassuming approach to the game. She doesn’t crave the spotlight or the pomp that often accompanies stellar performances. Instead, she lets her actions on the field do the talking. Whether with the bat or ball, Deepti’s contributions are consistent and impactful. If her bowling isn’t making headlines, her batting will step up, and vice versa. Moreover, her adeptness in effecting quick run-outs adds another dimension to her multifaceted cricketing prowess.

A testament to her cricketing acumen was witnessed when she displayed the audacity to run out England’s Charlie Dean, who persistently ventured out of her crease. This tactical brilliance underlines Deepti’s cricketing IQ, a quality that goes beyond statistics and adds immeasurable value to the team.


What makes Deepti a rare gem in the world of cricket is her versatility. She seamlessly fits into any role, acting as a floater in the batting order and slotting in effortlessly anywhere in the bowling line-up. This adaptability gives the team the flexibility it needs, making her a crucial asset.

In an era where cricket is evolving into a dynamic and fast-paced sport, three-dimensional players like Deepti are a rarity. These players become the game-changers who contribute significantly in every aspect of the game. While she may not hold the title of the greatest batter, bowler, or fielder individually, it’s her ability to contribute consistently across all facets of the game that makes Deepti the star she is.

Deepti’s low-key presence on social media might not garner the attention that some of her counterparts receive, but within the confines of the cricket ground, her impact is undeniable. She epitomizes the essence of a team player – someone who puts the team’s needs above personal glory.

As we gear up for the upcoming Test match against the formidable Australians from the 21st of December, the spotlight once again turns to Deepti. Her love for the longer format, the test matches, sets the stage for another potentially magical performance. While she might not seek the limelight, her teammates and fans alike know they can depend on Deepti to rise to the occasion and weave her magic on the cricket field once again.

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