Every Pakistan bowler is talented: Rohit Sharma looks forward to IND vs PAK encounter

Written by Vaibhav Tripathi 

During an event in the USA, Indian skipper Rohit Sharma was posed with the question of identifying the most challenging bowler in the Pakistan team. In response, Rohit avoided singling out any particular player, emphasizing that all the bowlers in the Pakistan team are skilled while refraining from naming one to prevent a controversy.

“Every bowler in the Pakistan team is talented. I won’t mention anyone’s name. It often leads to unnecessary controversies,” Rohit Sharma wittily remarked when addressing the fan’s query.

He further elaborated, “If I mention one name, it might not sit well with another player. If I mention someone else, it might upset someone else. So, I believe they’re all talented,” he humorously added.

Currently on a break, Rohit Sharma is set to return to action during this year’s Asia Cup 2023. The tournament, featuring six teams, is scheduled to commence on August 30.

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