Exclusive: “I think he is a great player”: Legendary Wesley Hall lauds Virat Kohli, gifts him his autobiography

Wes Hall meeting Virat Kohli. Gifted his book to Virat and Rohit (Image: Debasis Sen)

Debasis Sen in Barbados

It was a very special moment towards the end of the Indian cricket team’s practice session at the Kensington Oval on Tuesday. Wesley Hall, regarded as one of the greatest West Indies fast bowlers, met star Indian batter Virat Kohli and gifted his autobiography “Answering the Call -The extraordinary Life of Sir Wesley Hall”.

The legendary West Indian cricketer did not stop calling Virat the greatest batter in modern era. The 86-year-old was at the Kensington Oval with his daughter to watch Kohli bat at nets. Unfortunately, Virat had finished batting by then. Wes Hall needs support to walk these days at a ripe age. He was with a ‘walker’ as he turned up to watch the Indians’ train.

“You come for practice and you spared time to see an old man. I have seen a lot about you and let me tell you that you are a great player. So, may God bless you and continue to play for India,” said Wes Hall to Kohli after meeting him and presenting his autobiography.

In an exclusive chat with RevSportz, Hall lauded Virat as the greatest cricketer in contemporary cricket. “I think he (Virat Kohli) is a very good player. You cannot be very consistent if you are not a good player,” said Hall.

Asked to compare Virat Kohli with Sir Viv Richards, Hall said the star Indian batter is the best player now. “In this era, I would think Kohli is the best player now. I would not like to move from that. At the same time, you cannot compare a man with somebody who has played the game 40 years back.”

Asked to comment on who he thinks will be the favourite to lift the T20 World Cup, Hall said, “I reckon India and West Indies. But Australia is a very good side. Don’t worry about them as they will be there too. Don’t ever believe that Australia will not going to be there. I think West Indies have got a good batting side. I am not too sure about their bowling though.”

Hall played 48 Test matches and claimed 192 wickets. He also took 170 wickets his first-class career. The 6 ft 2 inches tall cricketer terrified batsmen, now batters, all over the world. It was a fearsome sight with Hall running in to bowl with the red cherry in his hand.