Go, play and win: Shahid Afridi on PCB’s reluctance to play against India in Ahmedabad


Vaibhav Tripathi

Shahid Afridi, the former all-rounder, has advised the Pakistan Cricket Broad and the national team not to worry about at which venue they would end playing India in the 2023 World Cup. Instead, they should focus on winning the match in front of the opposition team’s home crowd.

As per reports, the India versus Pakistan will be played at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. “Why are they declining to play on Ahmedabad pitches? Does it hurl fire or is it haunted? Go and play – go, play and win. If these are the foreseen challenges, then the only way to overcome them is through a comprehensive victory,” Afridi said on Samaa TV.

“What matters at the end of the day is Pakistan team’s win. The crux only and only lies in there. Take this rather positively. If they [India] are comfortable there, you should go, pull a victory in front of packed Indian crowd and show them what you got,” he added.

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