India Gears Up for Paris Paralympics 2024: 50 Days to Go

Indian Para Athletes at the ’50 days to go for the Paralympics’ event (Credit: Gargi Raut)

Excitement and anticipation is in the air, as the Paralympics Committee of India (PCI) marks the countdown, with 50 days left for the Paris Paralympics 2024. The event, held with much fanfare, highlighted the determination and focus of India’s para-athletes.

The event, attended by notable personalities, including the French Ambassador to India — Thierry Mathou — and sports enthusiasts, served as a platform to celebrate the incredible journey of India’s para-athletes and to gather support for their upcoming endeavours in Paris. The countdown ceremony was not just a celebration but also a proof of the hard work, resilience and dedication of these athletes who have overcome immense challenges to reach this stage.

One of the key messages from the event was the determination of India’s para-athletes. As they gear up for the Paralympics, their training regimes have intensified, with a clear goal — to bring glory to India. The athletes shared their rigorous training routines, the support they receive from their coaches and the advanced facilities provided to them, all of which contribute to their preparedness for the Games.

Speaking at the event, several athletes expressed their readiness and optimism. They spoke about how they have been working on their techniques, mental strength and overall fitness to ensure they perform at their best in Paris. The sense of unity and team spirit among the athletes was evident, as they shared stories of supporting each other through tough training sessions and motivating one another to push their limits.

The PCI officials also highlighted the various initiatives taken to support the para-athletes. From state-of-the-art training facilities to personalised coaching and mental health support, the committee has left no stone unturned in ensuring that the athletes are well-prepared. The officials emphasised the importance of creating an inclusive environment where athletes can thrive and achieve their highest potential.

Mathou also highlighted the efforts being put in by the French government to make the city more accessible for Paralympics athletes. From transportation to monuments, the government has specially trained workers to make the city accessible and assist para-athletes and specially abled persons.

The ceremony also featured both Indian and French cultural performances, creating an atmosphere of celebration and encouragement. As the event concluded, the message was clear — India’s para-athletes are not just participants; they are contenders who are ready to make their mark on the world stage.

With 50 days to go, the countdown to the Paris Paralympics 2024 has truly begun. The event underscored the dedication and preparedness of India’s para-athletes and the robust support system backing them. As the nation looks forward to the Games, there is a shared sense of hope and anticipation that these athletes will indeed bring glory to India.