India v Australia, U19 World Cup final: Will it Be a Repeat of the ODI World Cup 2023?

Sachin Dhas and Uday Saharan in U-19 WC, 2024 (Source: BCCI)
Sachin Dhas and Uday Saharan in U-19 WC, 2024 (Source: BCCI)

As you all know, currently one of the breaking news in cricket is the U19 World Cup 2024. The U19 Cricket World Cup final 2024  has become a stage for young cricketers to show what they can do and leave a strong impression. The Indian U19 team, led by Uday Saharan, has stood out.

So far, the Indian team has won all the matches in the tournament, showing great confidence. They faced tough opponents on their way to the final, but their determination and skill helped them win.

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Since they have not lost any of the matches so far, the audience is wondering if it would be a repeat of the ODI World Cup 2023!

Today, we are here to discuss the same. Let’s explore if we are going to witness a similar situation on 11th February.

U19 World Cup Final: All You Need to Know

The final match is against Australia, which reminds people of the ODI World Cup 2023, where the senior Indian team played against Australia in the final. Australia won that match, beating India by six wickets.

Yet, Saharan, the young captain of the Indian team, sees things differently when it comes to the idea of ‘revenge.’ Saharan, wise beyond his years, said that the U19 team focuses on playing their own game and doing their best instead of trying to avenge past losses.

Here’s what he has to say: We are focusing on our game, and we have to give our best. We are playing according to the match conditions. Every match is important because it is the World Cup and all the teams are good”. 

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He insists that the team focuses on playing their best, adapting to match conditions, and treating every game as crucial because it’s the World Cup and all teams are strong.

Saharan expresses his dream and the team’s goal to win the U19 World Cup. He wants to use this opportunity to make history. He asks for continued support from the country, promising to do everything to win the Cup.

The U-19 WC captain avoids comparing himself to cricket legends who started in the U19 World Cup, like Mohammad Kaif, Virat Kohli, Shubman Gill, and Ravindra Jadeja. He focuses on his and the team’s current performance, not the pressure of legacy.

Meanwhile, Australia won a close match against Pakistan in the U19 World Cup semifinal, thanks to Tom Straker’s six wickets and Harry Dixon’s fifty.

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