India-W play all their 2024 T20 World Cup group matches in Sylhet : A look the team’s history at the venue

Indian Women’s Cricket team (Credit: X)

The Indian Women’s T20 World Cup journey kicks off on October 4 against New Zealand in Sylhet, Bangladesh. India is in a tough group alongside Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, and one team from the World Cup qualifiers (to be determined on May 7).

Each team will have four group matches during the tournament. The top two teams from each group will advance to the thrilling semi-finals on October 17 and 18, leading up to the grand finale in Dhaka on October 20.

India’s schedule for the group stage

October 4: India v New Zealand, Sylhet
October 6: India v Pakistan, Sylhet
October 9: India v Qualifier 1, Sylhet
October 13: India v Australia, Sylhet



The Indian women’s team has had a commendable performance, overall, in Sylhet. They have played several matches and have managed to secure victories in most of them. The team’s consistency is evident in the margins of their victories. They have won matches by significant margins, whether it’s in terms of runs (winning by 79 runs against Bangladesh in 2014 or by 44 runs in 2024) or wickets (winning by 9 wickets against West Indies in 2014 or by seven wickets against Bangladesh in 2024).

The convincing margins of victory highlight the team’s dominance over their opponents. Winning matches by such margins indicates that they not only triumph, but often do so comprehensively, which is a positive sign of their strength as a team.

Success Against Different Teams
The team has displayed their prowess against various opponents. They have secured victories against teams like Sri Lanka, England, Bangladesh, West Indies, Pakistan, and Thailand, showcasing their ability to adapt and perform well against different playing styles and strategies.

The stats also reflect the team’s recent success in Sylhet, particularly in 2022 and 2024. Their consecutive wins against Bangladesh and Thailand in 2024, with margins of 19 runs, seven wickets, and 56 runs, demonstrate their current form and ability to perform under pressure.



In terms of most wickets taken, the Indian women’s team’s bowlers have performed exceptionally well in Sylhet. Deepti Sharma from India tops the list with 15 wickets, showcasing her ability to consistently take wickets. Players like Deepti and Renuka Singh from India have shown consistency in their performances, taking wickets in multiple matches while also being economical. This consistency is crucial for maintaining pressure on the opposition throughout the tournament.

Overall, the bowling records suggest that the Indian women’s team has strong bowling options, with Deepti Sharma making a significant impact with her wicket-taking abilities at the venue.



The highest totals recorded at Sylhet indicate that the ground is conducive to high-scoring matches in T20 cricket. Teams have been able to post scores above 160 and even 190. The run rates (RR) of these highest totals, ranging from 8.15 to 9.55 runs per over, further emphasise the batting-friendly nature of the pitch and conditions at Sylhet. Batters have been able to score at a brisk pace, indicating good conditions to bat on.

The highest totals have been achieved by teams from different countries, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Pakistan. This diversity suggests that the pitch at Sylhet accommodates various styles of batting and provides equal opportunities for teams to post big scores.

Notably, several of these high totals were scored batting first, indicating that teams have been able to set imposing targets for their opponents in Sylhet. This suggests that there might be some advantage to setting a target rather than chasing at this venue.

The Sylhet Cricket Stadium is a venue where batters can thrive, with good pitch conditions, high run rates, and a history of teams successfully posting large totals across different matches and dates.

Looking back at India’s journey at Sylhet Cricket Stadium for women’s T20 matches, it’s been quite a ride. They’ve shown consistent success and a real flair for dominating games. Winning against tough opponents and adapting to different styles of play, the Indian women’s team has proved their mettle time and again.

With past victories to fuel their confidence and a track record of handling pressure situations, India entering the tournament with determination. It’s not just about winning games; it’s about showcasing their talent, spirit, and drive to compete at the highest level. Fans can expect an exciting journey ahead as India aims to make their mark and contend for the championship title.