Injured PV Sindhu will be out of action till February 2024

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S.Kannan in New Delhi

Badminton star PV Sindhu has opted for a long break till February 2024 because of a left knee “medial condyle strain.” In an exclusive interview with RevSportz, her father PV Ramanna said there was nothing to worry about.

“Sindhu has already taken two weeks rest. She was advised three weeks total rest, which ends on November 16,” said Ramanna, a former international volleyball player. 

As one who has played sport and dealt with injuries, the father felt strengthening her knees would be the right way forward.

“The rehab plan will begin from November 16 onwards and it will be an intense one. Sindhu has already started working on her upper body. We felt it would be best for her to take a long break and get fully fit. That is the reason why we opted for a protected ranking (11),” added Ramanna.

Last year, during the Commonwealth Games, Sindhu had injured her left foot, later diagnosed as a stress fracture. That she continued to play with it in Birmingham was because of her intense desire to win a medal for India. After returning to Hyderabad from Britain last year, Sindhu had to take a long break, almost for five months.

“I can tell you right now it is just a strain and nothing serious. The plan is she is fully fit for the new season and ready for the Paris Olympics,” clarified Ramanna. 

These days social media blows up any injury or a player battling some fitness issue out of proportion. For Sindhu’s father to clarify the injury isn’t serious should come as good news for badminton fans. Sindhu has already won two Olympic medals, in Rio and Tokyo and will be chasing a record 3rd in Paris. 

“The reason why we wanted a long break is because we wanted her to get her strength back. Right now, she is able to gently walk. We will start her on intense rehab which will include ‘aquaplane treatment’ as well,” he said. That means, she will be using the swimming pool to ensure the knees get strength back. This is something Rishabh Pant had also done after his car accident last year. 

The year gone by has been a hard one for Sindhu in terms of results achieved. Her inability to win a medal at the Asian Games in Hangzhou was seen as a kind of “downslide.” However, Sindhu bounced back to make the semi-final in Denmark where she lost to Carolina Marin.

“For a layman, let me put it this way, Sindhu’s injury is not like what Carolina had sustained where she had to undergo a surgery for ACL and be out for one year. A medial condyle strain is painful but rest and rehab will see Sindhu come back fully fit,” stressed PV Ramanna. 

Marin for the record had missed the Tokyo Olympics.

Sindhu’s current break will give her ample time to think on where to resume her badminton training after full rehab. In 2023, she was a bit confused and even flew to Bengaluru and met mentor Prakash Padukone. A fit body and a strong mind should see her making a comeback in February 2024.

Sindhu currently has a No.11 ranking on the BWF computer.

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