IPL 2024 playoffs race: What’s the best scenario for CSK, LSG and SRH?

Nine teams are contention for the playoffs. (Source: X.com)

With the IPL 2024 league phase nearing its end, the competition for playoff spots intensifies, with nine out of the 10 teams still in the running. Mumbai Indians stand as the sole team unlikely to make it to the playoffs. However, the five-time winners isn’t completely ruled out yet, though historically no team has advanced to the playoffs with just 12 points after the league phase in a 10-team tournament.

Since the IPL expanded to 10 teams, 16 points would secure a playoff berth. Only once has a team managed to qualify for the knockout stage with 14 points in the IPL history. 

Of the remaining eight teams, only Chennai Super Kings, Sunrisers Hyderabad, and Lucknow Super Giants have a chance to accumulate 18 or more points. Even with 18 points, there’s no guarantee of finishing in the top two, as Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals could potentially achieve 22 and 24 points, respectively. The competition is fierce and every game counts from hereon. 

Rajasthan Royals 

RR have virtually secured a playoff spot with 8 wins from 10 games. However, they still need at least one more win to confirm their berth. Their aim will be to finish in the top two.

Kolkata Knight Riders

Similarly, KKR stands in a strong position with 8 wins from 11 matches, currently leading the table. While they haven’t officially secured a playoff spot, their impressive Net Run Rate puts them close to qualification. With three games left, KKR aim for a top-two finish.

Chennai Super Kings 

As for the defending champions, they have won 6 out of 11 matches. To remain in contention for the playoffs, they need to win at least two of their remaining three matches. CSK’s upcoming fixtures against GT, RR, and RCB will be important. However, their qualification relies on the performance of other teams if they happen to lose a game.

Lucknow Super Giants

LSG currently sits on 12 points from 6 wins, placing them among three teams with the same points tally. To secure a playoff berth, LSG must win at least two of their remaining three games. Despite their strong performance, their net run rate (-0.371) is the lowest among the teams with 12 points. LSG’s qualification will hinge on the outcomes of other teams if they only manage to win two of the remaining matches.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

SRH has accumulated 12 points from 11 matches, but their recent loss to MI has adversely affected their net run rate (-0.065). With three matches left, the Orange Army must win at least two to bolster their chances of making it to the playoffs. Also, other results must go their way.

Delhi Capitals 

DC has won five out of eleven games, gathering ten points so far. Even if they win their remaining three matches, they can only reach the crucial 16-point threshold. However, their qualification prospects for the IPL 2024 playoffs will depend on the performances of other teams, even if they manage to win all three remaining games.

Royal Challengers Bengaluru

RCB still has a shot at the playoffs with 14 points, but it’s contingent on two of the top three teams surpassing 22 points by the end of the league phase. RCB must also win their remaining three matches. Currently enjoying a three-match winning streak, they’re in good form. While 12 points could also secure a playoff spot, it would require several favorable outcomes.

Punjab Kings

Punjab Kings could reach 14 points if they win their last three games. However, like DC, their playoff hopes hinge on the results of other teams.

Mumbai Indians

The Hardik Pandya-led Mumbai Indians currently languish in 9th place with 8 points from 12 matches. They’ll need victories in their next two matches to reach 12 points, which might still not guarantee a playoff berth unless numerous scenarios align in their favor. Their chances are slim, and they’re virtually out of contention.

Gujarat Titans

With a dismal net run rate of -1.320, Gujarat Titans find themselves at the bottom of the table. This poor net run rate significantly diminishes their chances of playoff qualification, even if they manage to win all remaining games to accumulate 14 points.