“It’s all over for the AUSSIES”

Australian newspapers told a woeful tale about Australia’s demise in the T20 World Cup. Headlines read “Australia lose their way in a stuttering title defence” on home soil. The untidy nature of Australia’s efforts are typified by Glenn Maxwell, one of a handful of players to hold their head high, admitted on Friday that he found himself trying to ‘safe slog’ with minimal risk rather than all out. There was no apparent urgency in their play whatsoever as they snuck across the line in victory.

“Big calls coming for T20 selection” as Australia’s squad could see up to 8 changes as they look at their future.

“Those who bemoan ‘irrelevance’ of white-ball cricket are missing the point” cries Geoff Lawson as the end game is not just money but bringing back vitality to cricket as a whole.

Despite the early exit Glenn Maxwell claims “it doesn’t mean anything” and “You can’t dwell on it, I think you move in pretty quickly” as he reflects on his stirring role in Australia’s win against Afghanistan.

England joined New Zealand in the semi-finals after beating Sri Lanka by four wickets in a thriller at the Sydney Cricket Ground last night.

There is no doubt though Australia’s shambolic defence of its T20 World Cup title is over.

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