It’s his decision & whatever MS does is in CSK’s best interest: CSK CEO

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Just a day before the start of IPL 2024, Chennai Super Kings have changed their captain, with MS Dhoni relinquishing the post in favour of the young Ruturaj Gaikwad.

As CSK chief executive Kasi Viswanathan said, the decision has been taken by Dhoni himself. In an exclusive interview with RevSportz, Viswanathan spoke about how the five-time IPL-winning skipper always works in the best interest of the team.


Q: The decision to change the captain came as a surprise, but you kept your cards close to your chest and managed it well. Whose decision was it? 

A: MS Dhoni, along with coach (Stephen Fleming) and team members, have been discussing with Ruturaj. And they have taken a decision to hand over the captaincy to Ruturaj. And the CSK management and Mr (N) Srinivasan know that whatever MS does, will be in the best interest of CSK. 

As you know, the management has never interfered with the cricketing activities of the team, and the team management has taken the decision. 

Q: A few years ago, during a conversation with Mr Srinivasan, he pre-empted great things for Ruturaj. He predicted the opener would one day play for India. Overall, what is the franchise’s assessment of Ruturaj and how do you think he will fare as a captain? Is he ready? 

A: He is ready. He captained India at the Asian Games (where the men’s cricket team won the gold medal). He has the credentials of leading Maharashtra also. He has the experience of captaining. And he has been playing under MS. He has watched MS throughout his career as a CSK player. So he has the confidence. The team has the confidence (and) that is the most important thing. 

Q: Dhoni will always have an arm around Ruturaj’s shoulder, isn’t it? 

A: Yeah, yeah. He (Dhoni) will always be there to guide him (Ruturaj). 

Q: Isn’t it the biggest hint yet that this season is going to be Dhoni’s last? 

A: That I do not know. Knowing MS, he always takes the decision and he will let us know at the right time. He hasn’t told us that this is going to be his last. But if at all he decides it, he will let us know. 

Q: What are your expectations for this season, with a new captain? 

A: See, every season we expect the team to do consistently well and come into the knockouts first, and then, vie for the best. That’s it. 

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