Mamta Prabhu lauds women paddlers, speaks about eyeing big wins

The Indian Women’s TT Team for the World Team TT Championship, Busan (Image: Mamta Prabhu Instagram)

In a captivating showdown at the World Table Tennis Team Championships, the Indian women’s table tennis team showcased resilience and skill, despite facing a tough challenge from defending champions China. In an exclusive interview, we sat down with coach Mamta Prabhu to delve into the team’s preparation, performances, and aspirations.

Reflecting on the Remarkable Performances:

Coach Prabhu expressed immense pride in the exceptional performances of Ayhika Mukherjee and Sreeja Akula against formidable opponents. “This is one of the best matches played by the Indian girls; we were almost there,” she said. With Ayhika’s stunning victory over world number one Sun Yingsha and Sreeja’s dominant win against Wang Yidi, the team displayed extraordinary determination and skill.

“Sreeja also contributed to the victory, and all the girls played, backed, and supported each other from the bench. That’s the strength of Indian women,” Coach Prabhu remarked, highlighting the camaraderie and support within the team.

Preparation for the World Championships:

Delving into the team’s preparation for the prestigious tournament, coach Prabhu emphasised the importance of rigorous training. “We had excellent training before the WTTC in Bangalore, where we helped players refine their skills, develop strategies, and worked hard in the camp,” she shared. The intensive training sessions and strategic planning laid the groundwork for the team’s spirited performance on the global stage.

Strategies Against Sun Yingsha:

Addressing the strategic approach towards Ayhika’s match against Sun Yingsha, coach Prabhu revealed the meticulous planning and preparation involved. “The level of practice is much higher in camps, allowing players to engage in the type of practice needed for mega events,” she explained. With Ayhika facing an opponent with an unbeaten record in team events, the team formulated a detailed plan during training camps. “We certainly made a plan, and even during camps, we discussed and worked extensively on fine-tuning her skills by making changes,” Prabhu disclosed. Positively, Ayhika executed the strategies effectively, playing with confidence and determination in the match.


Looking Ahead:

As the Indian women’s table tennis team continues to strive for excellence, Mamta Prabhu expressed optimism and determination for future endeavors. “Surely after the Asian Games, we believe and are working towards achieving big wins,” she affirmed. With a resilient spirit and unwavering dedication, the Indian paddlers are poised to achieve greater success on the international stage, inspired by their remarkable performances and fueled by their relentless pursuit of victory.

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