Paris will be the centre piece of our continued multi-sport coverage

Major events ahead for RevSportz’ coverage

It is the Bengali New Year today. And a festive day in many other parts of the country. First and foremost, subho nababarsha to all of you. It is a convention that we all make our new year plans and promises to ourselves on this day. For us at RevSportz, it is no different. From an idea in December 2021, today we are a team of over40. It is no longer about me. Rather, it is the team that drives the organisation.

Today, it is time to outline a few things. Talk about how we want to go about things. First and foremost, we will continue to cover multiple sports with the same verve and passion that we have done so far. We will have our team in the USA and the Caribbean for the T20 World Cup, and we will also have reporters on ground for the Euro when the continent’s best battle for football supremacy. This will not deter us from covering India’s World Cup qualifier against Kuwait on June 6 with any less gusto, and we will also deep dive into the Bengal Premier League. Grassroots and multi-discipline sport will be covered with the same passion.

The Paris Olympics and Paralympics, for example, are never only about sport. Why would it then be called the Olympic movement? And we need to cover it as such. Some of our team members are brushing up their language skills. Others are working on mastering a new sport. It will mean they will enjoy the Olympics that much more. And we need to celebrate Paris as the world comes together for the first time since Covid. Tokyo was a closed Games. Paris will see 200-plus nations in attendance. And that’s how it should be covered.


We in India generally don’t stay back for the Paralympics. Hardly a few journalists do. Media houses consider it a stretch on spends and cut down. That’s not how you become a multi-sport country. Rather, a more sensitive society. We will cover the Paris Paralympics from on ground with the same commitment as we do for the Olympics. And each of India’s 30 medals or more will make a difference to all of us.

As we move on to the Women’s World Cup in Bangladesh, we will have several people in the country to cover the event. The WPL has given us hope and the Indian women can indeed break new ground this time round. In good and bad, the team will be there. Just like we will be in Australia end of the year for the men’s team. Can India make it three times out of three?

With RevSportz Bangla and RevSportz Productions, we have expanded our vision. New teams will be assembled and new areas forayed into. Trailblazers Conclave is now the best sports conclave in the country and we will only strive to make it better. And in all of this, sport will be at the centre of it all. Multiple sports. The quest to make a contribution to the ecosystem and create a telling legacy. Make a difference. And in the process, enjoy the ride.

Once more, subho nababarsha to all of our readers. Wish you all health and happiness.