RCB’s Cameron Green opens up on playing with Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma

A photograph of Cameron Green for RCB. Source (X)

At the fag end of November last year, there was enough excitement surrounding a potential trade in the IPL. Eventually, Hardik Pandya, the then Gujarat Titans captain, shifted over to Mumbai Indians. Cameron Green, who used to play for MI, was bagged by Royal Challengers Bengaluru.

So, what does Green make about all the hectic back-channel negotiations? “I was very excited. Found out at the very last minute when the deadline of retention was happening. There were a lot of things happening at that time, I wasn’t too sure.

“I had a first-class game the next day. I just wanted to go to sleep. I got a lot of calls back and forth, asking me what was happening. So in the end, I was very lucky with how it turned out. Pretty hectic few hours there,” he said in a virtual press conference.

At MI, Rohit Sharma was Green’s skipper. Now, at RCB, he is playing alongside another great player in ViratKohli. So, what does Green make about the duo’s approach? Is there any difference in their respective approaches towards the game?

“Obviously they are both greats of the game. Every time I think about it, I pinch myself saying I have been lucky enough to play with two of the greats of world cricket, if not Indian cricket. I am very lucky.

“What makes them great is they are so similar. They both are equally very happy to help the team win much of the cricket, I think they are both equally happy to give you a lot of time, and give information about the other team from their own experiences. So, not much difference. They are both greats of the game. I am happy to have spent time in the change room with them,” he noted.

Green also showered praises on Kohli and observed that he is trying to pick up insights from the maestro’s batting-manual. “He is obviously a much better cricketer than I am. So I am trying to learn as much from him, how he goes about things, especially in the powerplay. He picks his bowlers really well. He doesn’t target everybody. He has a really good game plan. He is a master of his craft.”

Outside of cricket, Green has also been battling with a kidney ailment over a long period of time. The all-rounder shared his inputs on maintaining the right kind of diet, so that it doesn’t aggravate the ongoing problem. He then thanked the RCB franchise and local chefs for ensuring that he takes the right kind of diet. 

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“For me, personally, it’s sometimes challenging, especially in India. Sometimes, there are limited food options. With my condition, I have got to look after my salt and protein. I have got to keep it to a minimum around cricket and during cricket, I can slightly increase my salt volumes, because I have to play cricket.

“It’s a bit of a challenging diet that I have got to be pretty strict on. I have to keep myself prepared to play cricket and at the same time, look after my long-term health. So it’s a bit of a challenging meal plan that I have to follow. At the same time, I am very willing to do it.

“At the same time, the RCB people have been unreal with helping me. I have got in contact with the chefs here, they have prepared a special diet. It’s been pretty awesome, talking directly to them, asking them what I need. I fancy having meals that are suited to me, with just enough protein which allows me to play cricket but also not affecting me. I am loving the franchise, they are looking after me beautifully,” he pointed out.

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