Reviving Legends, Nurturing Talent: Highlander Brigade Announces 2nd Edition of Ao-Sangma Football Tournament

The Ao-Sangma tournament was conceived with the primary goal of honoring the forgotten legends of football in the region, such as Dr T. Ao and Gilbertson Sangma, whose contributions remain largely unrecognized by the current generation. These unsung heroes played pivotal roles at both regional and national levels, elevating the sport and paving the way for aspiring talents to fulfill their footballing dreams.

Aligned with the broader aim of revitalizing grassroots football, the tournament aimed to provide a platform for local talents to showcase their abilities and access opportunities for further development within institutionalized football structures at club and state levels.

The inaugural edition witnessed teams from various corners of Assam, from Karbi Anglong to remote areas like Rani in Kamrup, showcasing remarkable talent. This success marked a significant milestone in harnessing the region’s abundant footballing potential and bridging the gap between peripheral talents and formal recognition.

In continuation of this commitment, ambition, and passion, the Highlander Brigade is proud to announce the launch of the 2nd edition of the Ao-Sangma football tournament. This initiative aims to celebrate the region’s rich footballing heritage and provide a platform for local talents to shine, reaffirming the region’s status as a football powerhouse in the country.