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Sachin, naam to sunahoga?

Oh yes, who doesn’t know him? Though Sachin hung up his boots on November 13, 2013, he is still one of the most revered figures for cricket-crazy fans. People are still curious about him.

“How does he enjoy his post-retirement life?” “What are his favourite hobbies?” “Will he ever coach the Indian cricket team?”

There are so many questions that Sachin fans throughout the world have in their mind. In our previous blog, we covered what Sachin loves to eat. In this one, we will talk about his favourite pastimes and hobbies. Now that he no longer plays cricket, Sachin is more into these hobbies and enjoying his post-retirement life.

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“Tum Ek Cook Ho”

Those who are in their late 20s or older can vividly remember a TV commercial that had Sachin and legendary spinner Shane Warne. In the ad, Sachin suffers memory loss, and on being asked who he is, Warne tells him that he is a cook. The ad was funny, but not many people know that the Master Blaster loves cooking.

Sachin is a self-confessed foodie who loves almost anything from home-cooked meals to local and international cuisines. He also enjoys cooking. A few years ago, he confessed at the launch event for a book called Cooking on the Run that his passion for food had prompted him to launch two Mumbai outlets – Sachin’s at Mulund and Tendulkar’s in Colaba. Though both wound up after a few years, Sachin’s love for food and cooking is undimmed.

He is a passionate home chef. A few years ago, Sachin posted a video of him cooking BaiganBharta for his mother and wife. He also enjoys cooking his favourite dishes for his close friends. He loves preparing fish curry and prawn curry, two of his favourite dishes cooked the way they were by his mother, Rajni Devi. Thanks to social media, people now get to know this side of the cricket legend. Brings you cricket updates.

A Lata Mangeshkar Fan

Music is Sachin’s other passion, next only to cooking in his post-retirement life. During his cricket career, music was a stress-buster and energy booster. Sachin used to deal with the constant pressure by listening to music.

He is a die-hard Lata Mangeshkar fan. He used to fondly call the singing diva ‘Tai’ (elder sister in Marathi). At an event, Sachin shared a dais with Lataji and Zakir Hussain, the tabla maestro.

Several years ago, Sachin had a huge music system set up at home. It surprised Brian Lara, another cricket legend from West Indies, when he visited Sachin’s home.

Sachin is also a Kishore Kumar fan. He also loves rock music, and Dire Straits is his favourite band.

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Repairing Things

That Sachin loved repairing things in the dressing room during his cricket days was revealed during an episode of Viu India’s What The Duck in 2018. Sachin said that he loved to repair things like gloves, torn shoes, bats, thigh guards and other objects found in the dressing room. He also disclosed that he still likes to fix walls with paint, and then rearrange his collection of paintings.

Watching Other Sports

Sachin has deep interest in other sports as well. He regularly watches badminton, tennis, table tennis and squash. As a young boy, he used to idolise John McEnroe, the legendary tennis star. He followed McEnroe’s style by growing his hair long, and wearing wrist bands.

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Sachin is a big fan of Rodger Federer. “Fell in love with your brand of tennis, it became a habit,” Sachin wrote with a heavy heart when Federer announced his retirement on social media.

Sachin loves playing golf, and also loves driving cars. He owns some of the most expensive cars in the world. Oh, and Sachin loves watching Lionel Messi play football.

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