Simone Biles blazes US trials, a top pick for Paris 2024

Simone Biles
Simone Biles (PC: X)

Some comebacks are more special. The return of Simone Biles to blazing form and sealing her Paris Olympics berth at the US trials over the weekend has caught the imagination of all gymnastics fans.

To say that she was stunning in the floor routine would be stating the obvious. Watched by her husband Jonathan Owens, a leading NFL star in the US, Simone was all smiles. She is heading to her third Olympics and this one will be special for sure, as she has shown great flourish in the trials held in Minneapolis, US.

At 27, the gymnast with an incredible seven Olympic gold medals to her name, Simone has fought many battles in her life. But the big deal was to rock the trials for making the US team. Simone posted an all-round score of 117.225 ahead of Sunisa Lee and Jordan Chiles.

In Tokyo, Simone was in bad mental health shape, where she had to withdraw from the all-round final. She then had to undergo therapy. Much has changed since then as she returned to her usual form and shape. A big role in this direction has been played by her husband Jonathan. “We are going to Paris. Man, I am so proud,” Jonathan Owens, the Chicago Bears safety posted on Instagram after TV cameras had caught him jumping to his feet after watching his wife rock the arena.

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Simone Biles
Simone Biles (Source: X)

Speaking to the media in the USA, Simone Biles was very confident. “I knew I was not done after the performances in Tokyo. So just getting back to the gym and working hard and trusting the process,” she said. And she added: “I knew I’d be back.”

Back, and with a bang, as she will be the cynosure in Paris at the gymnastics arena. The organisers of the Olympics are aware she will be a big draw and getting tickets for the same will be impossible.

One new fan of Simone Biles is Taylor Swift, as she used the song “Ready For It” when doing the floor routine. Even Taylor Swift has responded to Simone on her social media handle. Of course, a third straight Olympics for a big gymnast like Simone is big news. Her form in the trials proves she is again going to make waves in Paris.

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