Support for Team India much more as Barbados is geared up for final

Rohit Sharma, Team India skipper
Rohit Sharma, Team India skipper (PC: X)

Ishaan Shahane and Debasis Sen in Barbados

The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here after, nearly a month of thrilling cricket. It’s the ICC T20 World Cup final, with India set to face South Africa at the iconic Kensington Oval in Barbados on Saturday night, India time (8pm). These two teams, the best in the tournament, have remained unbeaten, promising a spectacle of cricket at its finest. Both sides secured dominating victories in their semi-finals, setting the stage for a true battle of champions.

With well-rounded squads, it will be fascinating to see how both teams utilise each member of their playing eleven to the fullest in this high-stakes encounter. Fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating a high- quality clash, hoping for a match that lives up to the grandeur of a World Cup final.

Barbados being cricket-loving, it has set the perfect mood for the big final. The locals are completely engrossed, hoping for a cracker of a contest. Despite the West Indies team not qualifying, the love for the game endures, bringing joy to many. Edmond, a local sipping on his Banks beer, shared his views. “It is the cricket here that brings a lot of joy to the people of Barbados. Even though our team did not do very well, most of us here are present to only support cricket and the final,” he said.

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Team India hurdle at net session ahead of ICC T20 WC Semi-final vs England
Team India hurdle at net session ahead of ICC T20 WC Semi-final vs England (PC: Debasis Sen)

Quite a few Indian fans were also present at the ground before match day, and were ecstatic. Indian fans will follow the Indian team wherever they play, and the Kensington Oval promises to be a full house — ‘bleed blue.’

The branding and advertisement for the World Cup finale here in Barbados has been top notch. Surely, they are keeping it the same way with constant advertisement billboards across the island. The excitement here is quite different to any other location which has hosted the World Cup. On the streets of Barbados as well you will spot many wearing the Indian jersey. If you are lucky, you might spot some South African fans as well. But the mood here is clearly set, with everybody just eager to be part of history.

Reporters from all over the world have turned up in big numbers as well to cover this game, making the final a truly global event. This gathering has brought the entire cricketing ecosystem under one roof, all eager to witness something special. The only wish is that the rains do not play spoilsport and that the final will bring everyone good cricket to enjoy.

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