Suspension of Paralympic Committee of India: Violations, Delays, and the Path to Reform

Sports Ministry suspends Paralympic Committee of India

The Paralympic Committee of India (PCI) is recognized as the National Sports Federation (NSF) for Para-sports in the country. The last elections were held in September 2019, but a Delhi High Court order stayed the notification and result declaration. The court later allowed result declaration on 31.01.2020. The four-year term of the Executive Committee ended on 31.01.2024.

However, PCI announced elections on 28.03.2024, almost two months after the previous committee’s term expired, violating its constitution and the Sports Code. The Ministry’s circular from 10.02.2015 emphasized timely elections.

The PCI’s decision to delay elections without valid reasons is seen as willful, intentional, and against democratic principles, undermining good governance and the National Sports Development Code. Compliance with the Sports Code is crucial for transparent and democratic governance in Indian sports.

Due to intentional delays in conducting elections by the Paralympic Committee of India (PCI), in violation of good governance standards and the Sports Code, the Government has decided to suspend PCI’s recognition with immediate effect. The suspension is in line with the Sports Code, citing reasons such as failure to hold timely elections and non-compliance with government guidelines. The Sports Authority of India (SAI) is directed to coordinate with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to establish an Ad Hoc Committee that will perform PCI’s tasks, ensuring the interests of Indian para-sportspersons and para-sports disciplines. This committee will oversee PCI operations and conduct fair elections following the Sports Code and PCI’s constitution. The suspension remains in effect until further orders.

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