Through the highs and lows of sport, RevSportz comes out victorious at the ENBA awards

RevSportz wins 3 Gold and 2 Silver awards at ENBA (PC: Gargi Raut)

India’s passion for sports runs deep, and one of the first lessons we learn in school is about our national sport, hockey. However, as we grow up, hockey often fades into the background, remaining just another chapter in our textbooks. In a nation where cricket reigns supreme, capturing the spotlight for any other sport beyond a fleeting moment is a formidable challenge.

When I first came across RevSportz, I was hugely impressed not only by the fact that the team seemed to be on ground for every possible sporting tournament but also the fact that able-bodied as well as Para athletes were given the same coverage. As I dove deep into the RevSportz Twitter/X handle, I couldn’t help but be captivated by their comprehensive coverage, which left me wanting to join the team. Exhausted by the monotonous routine of covering cricket from the studio every day, I made a spontaneous decision to call and join the team the very same day. It didn’t take me long to completely immerse myself in what I call now ‘The RevSportz Experience’ and learn three important lessons.

Number 1, at the forefront stands Boria Majumdar, not just as a leader but as a passionate advocate for his team. Under his compassionate guidance, no sport is left behind, and every athlete’s journey is celebrated with the same passion. Number 2, the dedicated team behind the scenes works tirelessly day and night to ensure that content is meticulously written, edited, published, and shared. Number 3, RevSportz’s core mission is to provide comprehensive on-ground coverage of a wide spectrum of sports, be it men or women, able-bodied or Paralympic, ensuring each receives the attention it rightly deserves.

As G. Rajaraman, S.Kannan and I stood with five trophies won by RevSportz (ENBA Awards) at the end of a four-hour long function which went on till after midnight, we may have been exhausted but not tired. Reading the engraved names on each trophy, a cinematic reel of memories played in my mind: Trisha’s relentless efforts at the Trailblazers Conclave, ensuring every obstacle was overcome; Snehasis Mukherjee, stationed at his dedicated spot on the office floor, diligently working on his laptop; Rohan Chaudhary, immersed in translating audio to text with earphones in, simultaneously publishing articles on the website; Swapnil Mukherjee refining edits with precision; Subhayan Chakrabarty, tirelessly sending videos from South Africa during the World Cup; and Debasis Sen, capturing every moment through his lens inside the stadium while we savoured the game.

This article cannot fully capture the effort put in by each team member even if I tried to. Reflecting on these cherished moments; it’s astounding to see what RevSportz has achieved in just two years. While it may have been unexpected for many, it comes as no surprise to our team. With a collective group of talented, honest and hardworking individuals under one roof, success is not just possible but inevitable.

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