We will drop at least four players: R Ashwin explains why Bazball can’t work in India

Vaibhav Tripathi

Indian all-rounder Ravichandran Ashwin discussed about whether the Bazball approach could be implemented by the Indian team. He emphasized that the Indian cricket culture does not tolerate poor results, and players adopting the Bazball approach might not receive support from selectors and fans.

“We are playing Test cricket very well. But we will go through a transition soon. And things won’t be easy during that phase. There will be a few issues here and there. But let’s assume India adopts Bazball during this phase. Let us assume a player throws his bat at everything like Harry Brook and gets out and we lose two Test matches. What will we do? Will we back Bazball and the players?,” asked Ashwin on his YouTube channel.

“We will drop at least four players from our playing XI. That’s how our culture has always been. We can’t copy others style of play just because it worked for them. It works for them because their management is fully in with this style of play, their selectors back the players to play this way. In fact, even their crowd and Test match watching public are backing the team in this process. But we can’t do this,” he added.


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