Windies leg of the ICC T20 World Cup will be more engrossing for Team India

Barbados and Team India
Barbados and Team India (PC: Debasis Sen and BCCI)

Ishaan Shahane in Barbados

With two weeks of the ICC T20 World Cup already completed, the final leg of matches for the Indian team will now take place in the Caribbean. The first match of this leg will be a Super Eight encounter against Afghanistan in Barbados at the Kensington Oval. The Caribbean, a land that passionately embraces cricket, has already shown its exuberance in hosting the World Cup with banners and hoardings, both within and right outside the airport, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

This enthusiastic promotion is in stark contrast to the general lack of advertising seen in New York and Florida, where the earlier matches were held. The minimal visibility of the event in the United States was a significant concern, with many fans noting the missed opportunity to engage with the local population fully. However, the eagerness in the Caribbean and spirited approach to hosting the World Cup are refreshing. It bodes well for the remainder of the tournament. The Kensington Oval, renowned for its rich cricketing history and lively crowd, promises to provide a fitting backdrop for the intense competition expected in the Super Eight stage.

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Team India hurdle
Team India hurdle (PC: BCCI/X)

The weather conditions in the Caribbean, though hot, seem reasonably good with little chance of rain. After the eventful Florida leg where three matches were completely washed out, many fans are hoping for sunny skies in the Caribbean. The conditions at the Kensington Oval are known to provide more batter-friendly wickets, suggesting that higher scores can be expected. It will also be interesting to see if sides favour spin more in such conditions. With a large Indian population in the Caribbean, it is expected that crowds will turn out in large numbers to support the Men in Blue. This enthusiastic support, combined with the favourable weather and pitch conditions, sets the stage for an exciting continuation of the World Cup.

The great legacy of West Indies cricket will be another motivating factor for crowds to turn up not only for India games but for all the games being held in the Caribbean. On landing, Debasis Sen and I visited the Three Ws Oval, named after the legendary Caribbean cricketers Sir Frank Worrell, Sir Everton Weekes, and Sir Clyde Walcott. The 3Ws Oval is the heart of Barbados, reflecting the island’s rich cricketing heritage.

With its vibrant culture, cricket-crazy crowds, and brilliant weather, the third and final leg of the World Cup in the Caribbean promises to be a spectacular event. Fans can expect an electric atmosphere and high-quality cricket as the tournament heads into its crucial stages. The legacy of West Indies cricket, combined with the enthusiasm of local and visiting supporters, ensures that this leg of the World Cup will be a memorable conclusion to an already exciting tournament.

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