World Athletics Announce Prize Money for Olympic Medalists

World Athletics introduces prize money for Olympic gold medalists. (Source X)

World Athletics has made a groundbreaking announcement, revealing that for the first time in history, it will offer prize money at the Olympic Games, beginning with the upcoming Paris Summer Olympics.

This decision will see athletes being monetarily rewarded for their Olympic achievements, with a total of US$2.4 million set aside from the funds World Athletics receive from the International Olympic Committee every four years. This fund will provide US$50,000 to the gold medalists in each of the 48 athletics events at the Paris Games.

Additionally, World Athletics has committed to expanding this initiative by offering graduated prize money to silver and bronze medalists at the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

The prize money will be subject to World Athletics’ ratification process, including standard anti-doping checks, with each individual Olympic champion and relay team receiving US$50,000. The details for the LA28 Olympic prize structure will be announced later.

This initiative, heralding a new era of recognition and appreciation for athletes’ dedication and success, is set to ignite a wave of enthusiasm and happiness across the sporting community, celebrating their hard-earned victories with a tangible reward.

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