Zen-like Calm and Stillness Make Rinku Singh KKR’s Breakout Star

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) were below par all season. And there was chaos all around. From injuries to not getting the combination right, it was a forgettable season for the Kolkata franchise. With Andre Russell not firing consistently, the question of who would finish off a batting innings became paramount.  And amidst all this chaos, KKR found some order. They found Rinku Singh.

With 51 needed in three overs, many would have panicked. Tried to hasten things up and made a mistake. Not Rinku. He was Zen-like. Calm and composed. Very like MS Dhoni at his peak. It was as if he knew what the bowler would do. And was trying to get into the bowler’s head. Clearly the breakout star for KKR in IPL 2023, Rinku has done enough to open the India A doors. And then who knows, if he can keep going further.

When he finished the match against the Gujarat Titans with five straight sixes, many said it was a fluke. It could never happen again. But he almost did it again. With 41 wanted from the last two overs against Lucknow, Rinku, all of a sudden, found his mojo. With all of Eden Gardens pushing him, it was his amphitheatre. He was the lead act with everyone else the support cast. So what if wickets were falling around him? So what if Russell failed yet again? Rinku was unfazed, just like he had been all season. He was on a mission and had he not refused the two off the third ball in the final over, it could well have been another miracle for KKR.

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In the seven innings where KKR chased, Rinku scored 305 runs at the astonishing average of 152 and a strike-rate of 174! As Nitish Rana, the skipper, said at the presentation, “It seems I have been speaking about Rinku all 14 games this season.”

In an interview with Revsportz at the start of the season, Rinku had spoken about trying to finish games. He had also mentioned his determination to repay the KKR management for the faith they reposed in him. He has done both. And with interest.

If I have to single out one thing in Rinku’s finishing, I would say it is his stillness in the last few overs. And that could only happen because he had complete control of his mind. Had he been moving around the crease, he would never have been able to do what he did. That he was still and in control opened up every option in front of him. It was the bowler who was forced to think where to bowl. And at the slightest of mistakes, Rinku cashed in. Easier said than done, but he did keep it simple. Taking the game deep like Dhoni used to and still does, he was the shinning light in an otherwise underwhelming campaign.


IPL 2023 should certainly push Rinku into the big league. An India A should be round the corner, and with the T20I team in transition before the 2024 World Cup, who knows hiow far he can go? After years of effort for UP and scoring at an average of over 60 in the domestic circuit, Rinku is finally a star. The spotlight will now be on him and having seen him deal with pressure, it is safe to say he will stay rooted. And calm. For him, it is about doing his job to the best of his ability. Repaying the faith the franchise had in him.

Whichever team goes on to win IPL 2023, Rinku will remain a highlight. His five sixes are already part of tournament lore and his near-miracle at the Eden Gardens has only added gloss to what was already a breakout effort.

The meteoric rise of Rinku is testament to his unwavering commitment to the sport. His journey from humble beginnings to becoming a key player for KKR showcases his determination and talent. As Rinku continues to excel, he will indeed serve as a role model for young cricketers who dare to dream and aspire to greatness.

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