Manasi Joshi – Dreams Coming True

Manasi Joshi
Manasi Joshi (Source: Rohan)

Dream on. Dreams do come true. For others these may be words of encouragement. For Manasi Joshi, however, they are much more. These words define her life in a way.

Sample this: “When I was trying to make a comeback to sport and make a career out of it, these words were a constant source of support. As a para-athlete I had my own share of challenges. Life wasn’t easy. But that’s what it is all about. To be able to fight. To overcome adversity. ‘Dream on’, as Sachin Tendulkar says. For dreams do come true. And may I say they have.”

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She went on to add: “I have been a fan of Sachin Tendulkar since my childhood. My sister and I used to play cricket and growing up in Mumbai it was but natural that we would all be Sachin fans. We’d idolise him and try to emulate him. When I was in college we had as a group bought tickets to go and watch Sachin play for the Mumbai Indians at Navi Mumbai. In fact, an entire stand was full of Sachin fans and we were all screaming ‘Sachinnn Sachinnn’ right through the game. The next morning we were an entire class full of students who had lost their voice. It was funny.”

“Sport and may I say Sachin has inspired me to become who I am. Play sport by overcoming all the challenges that life had thrown at me. Urged me to dream on, for dreams do come true. As I get ready for Paris 2024, which will be the greatest stage of my life, this mantra will stay with me. I will continue to dream. For I know dreams do come true.”

Manasi Joshi will be attending the Trailblazers Conclave for the first time having missed the inaugural edition in 2023 because of a tournament in Spain.

We look forward to welcoming her with us in Kolkata.

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