Men and women who are the A to Z of Indian sport will rock the RevSportz TrailBlazer 2.0

You can call it the A to Z of Indian sport who will be present at the RevSportz TrailBlazers 2.0 on March 7 and 8 in Kolkata. This is the biggest sports conclave in India and maximum care has been taken to ensure there is an equal opportunity for the two genders – men and women – to voice their views.

Still guessing? A for Abhinav and Z for Zareen, the two athletes who have so much to share on shooting and boxing. As it were, the star cast at the conclave has attracted attention, aroused interest and instilled desire. For, nowhere will you get to see a galaxy of stars, across a gamut of sporting disciplines, present under one roof to speak, share and enthral the audience. 

The RevSportz conclave is in its second year, and the uniqueness lies in how there is representation from athletes, coaches, officials, corporate honchos and, of course, the audience. There will be real life stories shared, from the two sexes, male and female. 

After all, even the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the custodian of the Summer and Winter Olympics, is very clear there has to be an equal opportunity for both men and women. The way mixed events have cropped up, with medals on offer, is enchanting. In shooting, for example, and a few more disciplines, Olympic medals are there for mixed events.

To hear different voices in the RevSportz conclave is actually going to leave you intoxicated, minus a hangover! If you go to a  multi-discipline Games for the first time, be it the Asiad or Olympics, there will be a sense of euphoria. You will get overawed for sure. That’s what is in store on March 7 and 8.

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Likewise, from Anju Bobby George to Sania Mirza and Savita Punia to Adille Sumariwala, each big star and official will be present for two days in Kolkata. The detailed list of attendees (attached below) offers a glimpse of who all will be present. Yes, one wants to hear Neeraj Chopra, the Tokyo Olympics gold medallist and world champion as well, which will be virtual.

If you are a cerebral sports fan, how can you not hear what King Viswanathan Anand has to say about the 64 squares. For all the millions of gigabytes stored in his brainy head are chess and strategy, Anand is a wonderful orator. He has mentored so many, yet his modesty is intact.

And with such classy results coming from badminton at the Asian team event in Selangor, Malaysia, on Sunday, the right man to talk on the thrills and spills will be there – P Gopichand. Having produced a galaxy of champions, the only time he may get nervous is when his daughter Gayatri is playing.

Never mind, the conclave is about ensuring all have a voice. There is MC Mary Kom, a true legend and Olympic bronze medallist as well. Her stories have always been emotional. And then you have Rani Rampal to explain how hard it was for her to rise from scratch in women’s hockey.

If any names are left out, it’s deliberate. The suspense is building up, slowly. Watch out and mark the dates, March 7 and 8. We will all hear the men and women of Indian sport pour their hearts out. Did someone say, this is a bit like a multi-sports complex being erected by RevSportz?

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