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Niccolo Campriani
Niccolo Campriani (Source: Niccolo Campriani/FB)

Niccolo Campriani is a great champion of our times. An Olympic legend who won back-to-back gold medals in London 2012 and Rio 2016, and has thereafter gone on to make a significant impact on sport as an administrator. His work on the refugee project with our own Abhinav Bindra has helped change lives. Now as Sports Director of LA 28, Campriani was involved in the process that decided to choose cricket as a part of the LA 28 Games.

With Nicco, a mind like no other, you are able to deep dive into the deeper meanings of sport. “When you start out, it is all about winning competitions. You want to win against your opponents. But then you realise it is you who is your real competitor. You need to be the best version of yourself. Then again, you realise this isn’t the real meaning of sport. You need to be able to make a difference to human lives, far more significant than winning a sports competition. That’s when sport becomes meaningful and tangible. Both Abhinav and I are trying to do so in our own ways. It is a quest to make our world better, using the prism of sport and it is a quest that will continue,” says Nicco.

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Profound words with a deeper meaning. Wearing his hat as Sports Director LA, he was closely involved with the process of presenting before the IOC the recommendations of LA 28 for the inclusion of new sports in the Olympic programme in 2028. And one of them was cricket. The comeback of cricket to the Olympics fold has been much talked about in India and beyond and Nicco’s comment “my friend Virat” has indeed gone viral.

We are delighted to have him as a speaker in Trailblazers 2.0 and listen to his story of impacting lives through sport.

Niccolo Campriani with Olympic Medal
Niccolo Campriani with Olympic Medal (Source: Niccolo Campriani/FB)

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