Understanding the spirit of sports and respecting it

G Rajaraman, Gargi Raut and S Kannan receiving award
G Rajaraman, Gargi Raut and S Kannan receiving award (PC: Gargi Raut)

I came to know about RevSportz in October 2022. It was at a domestic cricket match. Bengal were playing Himachal Pradesh in the national T20 championship quarter-finals in Kolkata. I was very pleasantly surprised to see Subhayan Chakraborty at the ground about half-an-hour before the match started. Not many reporters hit the spot that early. This guy did.

It told me two things. One, these people are serious about what they do and they don’t take things for granted. Subhayan lived quite far from the venue for that match. To reach there at around 10 am meant he is sincere. Two, it showed that the company he worked for values the presence of its reporters at the ground. The job isn’t done over phone, or, with the help of internet.

These are important traits. A lot of organisations or sports correspondents believe in getting things done through the short-cut method. By habit or by compulsion, they don’t prefer the trusted ways of being there to see what is happening. They ‘manage’, rather than doing it the hard way. They are not to be blamed because situations sometimes compel them to function in that manner.

That is where RevSportz appeared to be different. They have their own people on the spot, for every sport, be it cricket, football, hockey, swimming or whatever. Their reporters are duty-bound to be there and observe first-hand what is happening, for any sport, at any level. This is a quality that is becoming rare in the landscape of Indian sports journalism.

Reflected in the acknowledgement of excellence in the sports journalism awards is that spirit. In other words, it’s called work ethic. Things are not to be achieved just like that. It doesn’t happen that way. They have to be earned. It takes dedication, love for the work and sacrifice at times, at the cost of family and social life. It demands total attention, quite like in sports.

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It’s been close to 27 years that I have been in this profession. I have seen a few parts of the world and our country. I know how things work, the operating principles. With that experience, I have no hesitation is saying that what RevSportz is trying to do is different. The motto is to be sincere and committed. Simple, yet precious things these are.

Yes, it can be said that I am biased because I am associated with this company. My judgement is influenced because of that reason. It’s possible to become something like that. To counter this, let me ask how many media organisations send their correspondents to every event irrespective of social status and so-called importance? The answer will be ‘very few’ if not ‘none’.

That’s because RevSportz respects sports and believes it’s an important part of human existence. There is considerable playing experience in this team. Not at any great level, but a lot of them have been a part of these activities at some point. That is why they know what it takes, how it is done. They are not flawless but there is zero dishonesty in what they do.

I can go on and on, but let’s leave that for some other time. Suffice to say, we will continue to strive and try and make a difference. There will be impediments, hardships and all that. We will make mistakes. But, we will take those as a lesson and come back stronger. At RevSportz, there is no room for complacency or sitting on our laurels.

Awards are not an end in itself. They are an inspiration to follow the principles we stand for and that is to acknowledge, appreciate, embrace sports in the right spirit. We win some, we lose some. We don’t give up or compromise with the values that make us.

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