PR Sreejesh – Leader and Legend

Sreejesh (Source: Sreejesh/X)

PR Sreejesh is a legend of Indian sport and is not done yet. Be it fitness or passion, he is still right up there with the very best in the world and looking forward to the Paris Olympics.

It is quite unbelievable when we think of it. How does he look back at this incredible journey? This is what Sreejesh said: “When I started, I did not even think of 50 games, let alone 300. You don’t think you can play 100 games for your country, and then when it starts to happen, you just go with the flow and keep working harder and harder. You want to keep pace and as my last coach said, keep improving.”

“That’s what we need to do as elite athletes. You can never feel satisfied, for then it is the end of the road. Every single day is an opportunity to improve. To get better by an iota. That’s what I have tried to do, and will keep doing as long as I play.”

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The one image that is etched in memory each time I speak to Sreejesh is that of him sitting on top of the goalpost in Tokyo after winning the medal and looking down as if he is looking down at his home of 20 years. At that point, I did not think he would still be around in Paris. But here you are. And I am glad he is. Did you think then, that he could play another Olympics?

“Honestly, no. A lot of people had asked me what was next for you, Sree? All I said was, I did not really know. When you grow older and get more and more experienced, it is always about the next tournament. I don’t think long-term. All I do is push myself for the next match or the next tournament. I need to take small steps and if that helps me play on, I am happy. I have the passion for the sport and love turning up for India, and take it one step at a time.”

“So my next goal is the Asian Games and I will do everything to keep improving and doing my best because it is a very important tournament for us, and will help us qualify directly for Paris 2024”, Sreejesh said.

Presenting speaker at the Trailblazers Conclave 2.0, PR Sreejesh.

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